Hie :-)

Welcome to my adventurous world where I share and question what I see, feel, think and experience. I chose to blog because for a lot of us women, we have been raised with the all too familiar

‘Hush…women do not say that….women do not and must not say such….Hush and just listen, speak only when asked to speak’

I could go on. This is my own way of letting out what I have deep inside my head, on my chest and at times, it is just to capture that passing thought. I have my up day and my down days, I have my happy days as well as my I-wish-I-stayed-in-bed days, I have questions I want to ask as well as answers I think up and dream up.

I want to write it all out of me, I want to be free to be without having to be tied down to being who/what people think and expect me to be. I write if only to cement words on a digital frame that cannot be erased, I write if only to leave my own digital footprint emphatically proclaiming that I am. I write from other people’s lives, from my life, from my imagination, from my being. I write to explore and get to know the trinity of me, myself and I resident in this body and mind. I write to challenge myself to break the chains of convention that are noosed around my neck, threatening to choke the very me out of myself and I. I will pull at them, I will cut at them with my words, my thoughts, my feelings and my experiences and soon enough they shall burn at the alter of society I have long unwittingly served.

Poetry, free verse, photography…. words shall be the sharpeners of my cutting tools. Humor, sarcasm, defiance and open rebellion against norms will be the handle of my tool. At times, I will lay down the handle and handle the tool in my bare hands and hammer away at these chains. Suggestions will be planted and watered until they germinate into action that brings about change in situations and thought processes. As we progress, you will notice that the chains are being cut and hammered at different points. The idea is simple really, to ensure that once the noose around my neck has been cut loose the chains will never again be useful as someone else’s noose. Much as we have been told to never burn one’s bridges and much as I advocate for one to renovate one’s bridges, the noose is one bridge that I will gladly burn as I am walking over it, enjoy the heat emanating behind me whilst admiring the long shadows the fire is casting ahead of me. I know that we have been told to look for the light but here is one light I have gladly turned my back on and will not even be tempted to take a sneaky Lot’s wife look. Welcome


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