Of presidencies and political opposition parties

If MDC-T has been in existence for close to fifteen years, how many terms of office has it’s headship/ presidency have already? In this whole time, I have heard of ONE president of the party. With all due respect to what Morgan has been through at the helm of the party, does it therefore not follow that the opposition is crying for the ouster of H.E, Cde RG (bcz he has been the sole national president since) but they are not looking at themselves (as a democratic party) and failing to see how they are exactly like Zanu PF? Are they also not in danger of creating a life presidency just like Zanu PF has?…I think they have already created one.

To be really democratic, I would think that the opposition should have a constitution that is clear, transparent and is FOLLOWED by everyone…esp where terms of office are concerned:
Who is the next in line at the helm of the party? How long is their term of office?

Does MDC-T have another goal other than to have Morgan dwell in the State house? If the party’s goal is that, then they might as well be called Morgan’s Dream Campaign not Movement for Democratic Change.

At least Zanu PF has come out in the open and declared that they want H.E as life presidency…(by life here, I dare to think that it’s the party’s they mean)… they have ignored their own constitution and have amended it to suit their wishes…and their supporters are ‘fully’ behind this…at least that is the generic impression given to the rest of us.

Hypothetically thinking, what if H.E does contest this coming election and by some something or the other, Zimbabweans decide to vote in a close to 90 years of age individual for whatever reason to be the continuing president? Does that mean that Morgan will once again be the sole candidate in the MDC-T camp to contest H.E in whatever elections that will come again?

And just why is the west and the rest of Africa silent on Morgan’s lengthening stay at the party’s headship? Btw, I forget at times, that it is HIS party…MDC-Tsvangirai…to do with as he pleases. So much for democracy!! Can’t someone tell Morgan that ‘democratically’ he is unable to unseat H.E…his party’s constitution does not allow him to do so…he has out served his terms of office and any further efforts to fight or challenge H.E are making some of us Zimbos wonder at the genuineness of the ‘democracy’ his party is proffering…how any different is it from that under Zanu PF leadership? (MDC-T’s real hope is that they have youth on their side…we want young, active leaders, leaders who are tech savvy and can speak confidently at all platforms…we want a country that will play an active role in saving trees by cutting out paper work and going digital in a lot of areas such as in the Registrar General’s office (hint hint someone, but this is but one example of the several improvements that we want as a nation)…let’s Go Green (for the earth and for youth…so for we are brown and very old…lol)

Have I digressed! My apologies, but I had points to make…anyway, Morgan’s stay is lengthening and it is now a cause for worry, someone must speak up (I have). We need parties that see beyond the individuals and have the nation at heart as a matter of priority. Are we to imagine that we shall be having MDC-X fifty years from now because Xolani will be leading it then? At least, it looks like Zanu PF will still be Zanu PF then…just not too sure who will be it’s president then. But then again, Morgan might still be heading MDC-T fifty years from now!! :O…it’s possible hey, in a country where a presidential candidate contesting is almost 90 years old!

You might have noticed that I have ignored the other ‘parties’…seriously, who are they on the political arena of Zimbabwe but agents of dividing the vote? Some are even agents of diving the party name itself!

Seka hako, wechidiki (laugh out loud, young person/ youth) but we surely are very short sighted as a nation….


2 thoughts on “Of presidencies and political opposition parties

  1. I don’t know who has been more of a disappointment, Morgan or MDC-T. The hopes and dreams of the Zimbabwean people has been squashed but maybe the both of them. There is no clear constitution by this party and it is such a shame. Having seats in parliament does not mean the war is over, i guess maybe they suffered for nothing in terms of changing Zimbabwe during all that violent periods. OR or maybe they are enjoying the fruits of their by having connections and contracts and travelling, cars etc. Wake up people, someone needs a kick in the backside.

    Oh the sweetness of Power


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