Zimbabwe, 33 years of independence

Today I take a special note of the true heroes of the liberation struggle…the povo. Had the masses not opened their homes, had they resisted the ‘liberators’ from taking their cattle n goats and chickens, even their wives and daughters…the war would have had a different outcome. Had they all worked like clock work and sold out every ‘soldier’…I could go on listing what the masses could have done differently, what they could have resisted yet they did not.

I know that at least every family in present day Zimbabwe lost someone…be it to death or to trauma, displacement, prison, to the other side or whatever else took people during the war…it is a loss all the same and must not be trivialized.

My prayer this Independence day, is that the masses are once again really free. Free, most importantly from political tyranny and corruption , free from Zesaless and dirty-Zinwaless days. It is my prayer that, just as the masses chose to overlook the brute and entitlement attitude of the ‘liberators’  to their resources…I pray that this year, (33 years after being feed from British rule) the masses are not under some sort of obligation to overlook the ‘entitlement’ attitude of the political and cultural leaders we currently have (as well as in future).

May 33 years of Independence resonate with true independence for every citizen in this our beautiful, country not just from the mouths of politicians who want to use the words as some sort of hypnotist’s charm.

May our leaders sleep soundly at night knowing that when they stand up and say that Zimbabwe is free, their consciences do not burn and itch them. May out be that when Zimbabweans hear that our country is free, may there be no grumbling nor complaining and bitterness in our minds. It is my prayer that we don’t envy the freedoms of other nations. I pray that we celebrate this day in all joy and in doubt whatsoever, at our freedom.

Being a ‘born free’ I can only pray that no one dates to stand on some podium and caricature and castigate my thoughts, prayers, goes and  wishes for my country simply because I was born post colonial rule…no one chose when they would be born, neither did anyone choose when Zimbabwe would attain freedom from colonial rule….
#SentimentsOfAYoung Zimbabwean


One thought on “Zimbabwe, 33 years of independence

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    Two years down the line and my prayers are still the same. This entry seems to have been written for 35 year old Zimbabwe. I still pray for true Independence of our nation. Independence from economic imprisonment and lack, freedom to express what we think and feel, freedom to associate with whom we want, when we want and why we want. I pray that this self rule is realised in every meaning of the word “self”.

    May Zimbabwe move peacefully and successfully from these trenches of despair, heartache and poverty the majority of us are living in. May God arise in Zimbabwe this 35th year of our independence from colonial rule. May He usher us into true independence especially independende from god-like leadership.


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