It’s ok to cry out “Help”

“I can’t cope right now.”

These are words we need to hear ourselves speak to ourselves once in a while. As opposed to trying to force everything to fall into place. These words allow us to look at ourselves as we truly are…flesh and blood and very much limited!

“I can’t cope” are words that ought to usher us into the very arms of God who is Able to carry us thru it all.

I’m reminded of something I came across earlier that depicts a conversation between God and (me…put your name there):

GOD: you see those two sets of footprints? (I nod…and He proceeds) That is where I walked beside you.

ME: And that pair of footprints…(I delicately chew my words to taste them first before saying them to Him but I quickly figure that He already knows my thoughts anyway and I say them as quickly as I can) You left me to walk alone then?

GOD: I meant it and I mean it and will always mean my Word when I said that I will never leave you nor forsake you.

ME: (pointing) And THAT groove over there? (Am wide eyed and shocked at the length and depth of the groove, the clearer it gets)

GOD: Oh, that, it’s where I dragged you, kicking and screaming.

Most times, (for some of us anyway) God has had to drag us thru certain situations because we wanted to dwell in them for longer than was necessary.

Do you recall when you it took you ages to make that one particular apology? Do you remember when you wanted to hold onto your anger despite the Godly counsel you were being given? Do you remember when you had to give that tithe when the money wasn’t even to start with? Do you remember when you had to be the bigger person and reconcile with the sister/brother/friend/relation who had wronged you?… I’m sure that by now you have the idea. He dragged you kicking and screaming and THAT caused the groove in your path…next time there might be hair or pieces or weaves on that path. (I hope by now you realise that I’m talking to women so, thank you, sir for reading thus far! 😉  :-* ….our brothers tend to look back and see a lot of footprints in the sand  and wonder if the whole army of heaven was walking with them only to hear from God Himself tell them that it’s all their footprints. Lol…that’s another conversation for another day) for now, I just want to tell me (and someone) that it’s ok to say “I’m not coping, I need help.” #sob


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