Facing death

In that space where life makes absolutely no sense…each breath I take seems in vain…every action I take, it seems all in vain…all my effort, just to end up six feet deep? Surely, there gotta be more to THIS life than looking forward to the after life!! We surely are alive for a reason, maybe more?

Why does death make no sense just so much pain and frustration? Why? Why? How come it never gets easier to accept? Is there a way to prepare for death, for loss..a way to help make death easier and more understandable?

Why do we even have to go through this life? Why not just BE in the after life already?

The older I get, the more people I lose, the more difficult it gets to handle! Surely, experience gotta count for something in cases of death…the more people lost, the better one gets at dealing with death and grief…

I know imma die, that I can handle. It’s the knowledge that someone I love and know will die that I just can’t handle!

This to my aunts, my grandpa, my uncles, my dad and my son, Bobo. RIEP. I just can’t bury the love, it just won’t die and I won’t even try. You’re alive in me.


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