Nice Politics

Someone read this and weigh it for yourself..this is not nice but it is good.



Just recently I was arbitrating a serious conflict between 2 tenants. I will not get into the details of the circumstances leading to the conflict but just point out that upon listening to both sides of the story, it was quite clear that both parties were wrong. The one party though after I pointed out that she had equally contributed to the conflict ,instead of apologizing ,defended herself by stating how good, humble and spiritual she is and how the allegations were completely ridiculous. She went on to state in a rather divine tone how she had forgiven the other party and swore on the Bible she reads everyday. I have never been more annoyed. She sat there raving about what a nice person she is. There is something sickeningly wrong with a person who boasts about how humble they are.

What people forget is not all nice people are…

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