Time for Faith to act

As we await the final election results I had taken to disappointment because of what I have been hearing and reading and watching. I had my own aspirations and hopes as I voted. (I faced a lot of frustrations…trying so hard to register. I know that I fall under the very few urban people who managed to register in one try. It took me about six hours of patiently waiting just to get my five minutes with the agent so I could become a registered voter! Even as I was in the queue, I heard a lot of stories that encouraged me to hang on….some people had been coming for close to a week just to get that rare chance to be on the voters’ roll and they failed yet the next time they could find they came to try again. Surely, I could wait at least until close of day. What I witnessed and encountered will have to be another entry lest I divert from the purpose of this particular post)


The one thing I just want to do with this post is to give God the glory. I want someone to help me to give the Almighty a thundering Amen because He deserves it. He is sovereign even in Zimbabwe. I remember my pastor encouraging us to pray for God’s will in this election. I jokingly told him that I will tell God to do His will but I would have selected my preferred candidates. I want to imagine that many Christian Zimbabweans did pray for the elections, especially for peace to prevail and the relatively peaceful voting and campaigning period bears testimony to how God answered those prayers. I am equally convinced that as much as we prayed for Go to elect His own candidate to the various leadership posts, we prayed with specific individuals in mind. Some prayed that His Excellency retained the presidency, some prayed that the honourable Prime Minister ascend to the presidency, others even prayed that the opposition leaders would unite and form a coalition of some sorts. All the above are NOT what God willed, rather, they are what Man willed.


I think that to those who are disappointed, especially to you, I think that it is time you learn not to rely on the politics and politicians of the day but to rely on God. Some are in some sort of a panic and others are so uncertain about the outcome of the election but does God live? My bible tells me that He lives and that “in Him I have my being” not in a president, Mp, councillor or some such human being or government. I am reminded so much of David in Psalms when he says that “some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but I will trust in the name of the Lord.” Elijah was fed MEAT by ravens, Isaac ploughed in a feminine, Lazarus was raised from the dead…FOUR days after he had died! Jesus Christ rose from the dead and the same bible tells me that “the same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead is resident in me” Oh what joy! Oh what peace in my troubled heart! Let the results come, I am more than ready for them for I know that my God is alive and His will will prevail in this nation. Zimbabwe, fear not, for God is Jehovah Makatendeka (The Faithful and True God).  LET GOD ARISE AND HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED! I voted, now it’s for God to do His will. 


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