Movies, tears, memories: life goes on

So I stumbled upon Rambo on tv! What the hell! The things I believed and loved whilst a wee little girl! Lol. Now there’s Best of Best!
Gosh, I AM THAT old!
Seems tv is tryin really hard to make me feel what my scale and mirror are failing dismally to do!
And yes, Mnet just has to drag me back to that moment wn I celebrated the release of Madiba…I cried and I’m still trying to keep it all in there somehow! Seems my childhood is coming back to haunt me today- reminding me of all that I’ve lost and equally reminding me that death is a painful part of life.

This movie- who’s message is about putting aside our racial differences to be a team- somehow reminds me of all the incredible people who’ve made indelible prints on my path thus far n for eternity
1. My dad- synonymous with integrity and taught me the value of self
2. My aunt, Tsitsi Carol – who taught me to be real, honest n loving
3. My uncle, Sydney Mabho`Fela- taught me to love beyond biological lines
4. My aunt, Molly – taught me to live life fully and love family fearlessly
5. My son, Munyaradzi Bobo- taught me that family can never be chosen- we just are
6. My grandmother, VaMzvare (Hale, as my daughter called her)- taught me to love deeply n apologetically, to seek out my passions, to be truthful n to fear God. Above all she taught me about Jesus!

On a list full of family I’ll dare add this one name
Madiba- if I can take one lesson out of his life- not that I knew him well, I only knew what I heard- the one lesson I’d take from him is this-
You can change what and how ppl think of you by the manner you lead your life, no need to live up to what ppl think or say about you.

He’s one man who could have become a terrorist, a dictator, a tyrant and that would have been expected and somewhat acceptable given what he’d been thru. He could have held on to the presidency til ppl grew tired of him and done irreparable damage to his image and reputation but he chose to step aside and get some rest. Vilify him or glorify him, Madiba came and left. We can never deny his presence and his impact. Rest in peace.

Back to the movie I was watching at the beginning of this post- Rambo cries?  what the hell! No wonder Chuck Norris beats him pahero status. Lol, for days! And er, Americans never lose, they are more moral than other nations…. I could go on but oh well, it’s their movies after all!

If there’s one thing I’m fast learning, life goes on! We love, we lose!


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