As I retire to bed: And it’s confirmed that I’m very very very old!

So this entry was written last night but due to technical gliches it would not upload. I am tempted to edit it but i’ll refrain.

Today started on a not so good note. I had to yell at someone whom I would rather be at peace with. Anyway, it all turned out for the good because what I wanted happened. Lesson- (at times) You gotta yell at people to get what you want to happen. My day was fairly normal with one thing to note though- there a significant number of the male population who were tryin to hit on me! Lol, now THAT was hilarious. I find it amusing coz I’m not one to want to begin a relationship from social media (anymore. I’ve tried it and it’s creeped me out so, I’ve learnt my lessons.)

So, finally my little angel comes thru and I couldn’t be happier. I’m amazed at how tall she’s growing. She’ll definitely be taller than me! Anyway, I have no idea how the conversation turned to my age. I asks her how old she thinks I am. She begins with 21! Now hold on a minute. She’s just a little ten year old girl and already, 21 is old in her books. It definitely is not the same meaning as when I meet an adult and they guess my age at 21. Masamba asiyana! Anyway, I shake my head and she continues- 22? 23? 24? I stop her, telling her that she’s now counting and no longer guessing. We laugh and eventually she looks at me hoping against hope that I’m at most twenty five.

But alas my lord.

She continues with some horrified disbelief until she gets to a shocked “30!!?”

She pauses but still in one breath quipped, “Ah, saka you’re very very very old” and with that reaches into my plate for some meat.

Really???!  Did she just call me very very very old? I’m horrified for a bit before it hits me- I, too once thought 25 was ancient, never mind being 30! I immediately burst out laughing to which she joins in. I have no idea if she knew why I was laughing though but I couldn’t resist planting a kiss on her sweet head!

As I write this, she’s busy writing her brother and I a Christmas card on my laptop! How precious does a daughter have to be?

Need I add that she’s got a better understanding and navigation skills of it than I do? I think she’s gonna teach me several things about my own laptop! By the way, passwords don’t work with her- she sees you punching it in once and she has got it! Lol.

Merry Christmas y’all. We’ve already started writing out the cards- from my laptop though.


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