Broken hearts come out at night

Broken hearts got no where to go at night. That’s when they come out to be felt.
Beating insistently in that painful thud thud thuding
straining to pump blood thru a body wrecked in pain and anguish

Broken hearts murmur audibly thru the silent night
Bidding the night silent
Clamoring to be heard
Clamoring for the pain to be acknowledged and embraced

broken hearts beat ever slowly
Taking time to be felt- each be-at each be-at so slow and so sure
sure of the pain twisting the chest open
Sure of the anguish coursing the body

broken hearts are lonely creatures
They beat so loudly in the silent night
as if calling out in some painful ritual
like courting animals seeking a mate

imagine the sight-
one broken heart calling out thru the dead of the night
Thuding out to another broken heart somewhere across this huge expanse of false love fueled by exciting and enticing stories captured in romantic novels, scandalous soap story lines and heady movie scripts
do you hear that heart reaching out, straining past the chest cavity
Tryin to make itself be heard by a kindred spirit?

Broken hearts come out at night
To dance a dance so unfamiliar it’s embarrassingly awkward
A dance resembling one danced by two left feet, one in a wooden leg whilst the other wears one of those ridiculous fashion contraptions with no heel yet is made to look like a high heel

Listen to that thud thud thuding
and dare yourself to escape from its clutches
Feel the insides of your chest under the broken slimy grip of a heart barely hanging together
a muscle once powerful and capable of so much work within the body and mind
now reduced to a mere mortal organ threatening to give up on life itself
Your mind will not even attempt to say those Damning words, ‘I told you so’
Instead, it struggles to recall all it knows about playing nurse to this ailing yet vital organ
Lungs force the heart to beat on by demanding extra air from Nostrils
Every organ understands the dire straits presently being experienced
This too shall pass, one day at a time,
BREATH, relax and BREATH

(R Tendo 2014)


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