Politics of personalities

But on another serious note:

Movement for DEMOCRATIC Change- seems to me kuti the only democracy in that party applies when it comes to changing the Zanu PF Leadership of the nation.

I, a non-assuming citizen in desperate need of a political party to support whole heartedly not out of protest or nekuti it’s the better option, yes me- I’m of the idea yekuti IF the MDC-T is really a democratic party it would allow and welcome anaMangoma and crew to challenge the party president for his post. Should they fail, the challenging crew that is, then it’s evident kuti the ppl spoke and chose. Manje this name calling business isn’t doing this democratic party any good. Especially in the eyes of yet-to-be,impressed ppl like me. It’s sounding more and more like that other party whose leader has been at the helm since formation!

Come to think of it, it’s not only Zanu PF Guilty of the above leadership-party ownership crisis- Mavambo-Dawn-Kusile, that one member party- MDC-M, the MDC-Ncube one, Zum had who again?

It’s time we really grew up as a nation! Politicians are just ppl and change of leadership isn’t any indication of weakness, it’s a sign of growth and maturity! No one can lead forever and no one canown a party let alone the electorate! If anything, the electorate owns parties and leaders! inga wani Jesu akasiyawo Mweya Mutsvene!

eh eh, and I’m not asking that the sons and daughters of these leaders take us to the next phase of our country! HELL to the NO, as Madea says it.

Don’t get me wrong, our president has done a great job… the former Prime Minister gave us a spark of excitement when he shook Zanu PF out of its lethargy. Politics needs constant shaking of ppl, leaders and parties if things are to be done!

Case in point, the recent salary gate has shaken some cul-de-sac, pity it not the entire neighborhood! It however, looks like the city of Harare manner of clearing drains by taking out dirt and rubbish from drains yet leaving them on the very pavements above the same drains! Manje these drainage systems not only need cleaning out, they need to be redone- they are OUTdated and no longer able to serve as well as they used to. (ane nzeve ngaanzwe)

Zanu pf is a revolutionary party, MDCs is/are a reactionary party (some part of me prays kuti that is the word I want). What we now need as a nation is a progressive party! And no, progressive teachers union, I’m NOT saying become a political party, ah ah!

I’m looking at my generation and trying to imagine kuti just WHO is gonna be our leader, our president, our ministers, members of parliament and such other posts necessary for the development and advancement of our nation. Leadership change, okay.I renewal MUST be something that is not taboo or life threatening to think about, discuss or want in this nation. Leaders come and go all the time. Peter was the rock upon which the church was built but even his bones have decayed by now and the Popes keep coming, one after the other! It’s no betrayal of one`s country or party to want a new leader- even those who took to the struggle did so because they wanted the leadership back then to change. We’re a nation that’s scared to say out loud what we want and we hide behind huge words and violence when the honest truth is that- we’re a frustrated lot!

Right now, a significant chunk of our population is living beyond our borders and the government is making ‘not so sincere efforts’ to woe their monies into the country coffins, oops, I mean coffers. If all was well, this population wouldn’t be this huge and neither would be the government tryin to woo their monies. If anything, they would be no appeal just a rush of excited and eager Zimbas coming home to do their bit to help develop the nation. After all a leader`s job is to lead and not to single handedly do everything!! Surely Salarygate ought to scream how loudly my ideas about a leader are true.

One thing that’s clear is that Zimbabwe WILL be here long past my generation is long gone so trying to place its future into the hands of one individual is narrow minded, if not outright idiotic. After all, even the most bath-loathing man eventually changes his undies! Sadly, we are stuck with politics of personalities but that surely must be a phase-someone pls tell me that it’s a passing phase, please


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