Moments like these

My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, My Saviour has ransomed me
And like a flood
His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing Grace…

(Words to the song by Chris Tomlin. I love worship music and lately I’ve been immersing myself in some music, just to get back in touch with God.)

Im thinkin on how powerful and overwhelming that kind of mercy is like if it’s being compared to a flood!
Do we have excess love and extend kindness to those around us, especially the ‘undeserving’ ones?

Im thinkin of those movies where ppl are kidnapped and ransom is demanded. Usually, it is outrageous amounts but you see families going out of their way to find that money and to try and meet all they are demanded of by the kidnappers. The anguish and tears during the negotiations almost always gets me crying. The joy that is expressed once their loved one is released tips me over. They hug and cry tears of joy the moment their eyes see each other. Hugs are all around and no one ever waits for the released one to bath first before showering him/her with hugs and kisses. Somethings are more important than dirt that can be washed off later.

Now, bring all this back to Christ! He paid up all the demands made for your life. He’s now waiting anxiously to take you in His arms and love you thoroughly. You could be one of those ppl who was held up in a dark room and is now temporarily blinded by the light, He’s waiting. You could be in disbelief kuti you’re actually free- you could have been held up or very long. He’s still waiting, your disbelief won’t turn Him away. He’s paid up the ransom and He can see you, that’s all that matters.

Perhaps you’re one of those ppl who was held up in a dingy place and you rarely bathed and might not even have a change of clothes on your release date- His love is greater than your stench! Your appearance might have been altered due to starvation, malnutrition, or even time lapsing, but He recognizes you and is waiting for you.

You could be one of those who has forgotten what being held up was like. It’s been very long since you’ve been set free. But Im tryin to remind you of that great joy you felt upon our release. How was it like, to be embraced by the arms of someone who loves you after being with someone who couldn’t care any less about you- all they cared about was the money you represented. Do you recall it? The love and hugs and kisses after going for so long without any of those. Now, Im asking you to do the same to a new creation, someone new in Christ. Hug them, love them, forget their filth- they’ll bath soon and get a change of clothes and will regain their health soon enough. Right now, all they want is to believe so much that they are indeed free.

Christians, we are the miracle someone is waiting to experience. In a world full of judgment, prejudice, hatred, preconceptions and misconceptions- we are the light. Let us shine the torch of love so brightly that when one looks up, the sun will appear as a small star in the midnight sky.

Let us extend grace to the world. Remember, no one of us deserves to be loved by God in the first place.


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