“Come, sit right next to me.” R Tendo Tapiwa, ©2014

Long fingers that speak of a tenderness that’s hardly perceived- but not to my observant and eager eyes
Hands that are large yet somehow comforting- I want to be wrapped and caressed by them
Arms that speak of a gentle strength, a playfulness that’s welcome.
Shoulders made for me to lie on- as he lies down-
How else could it be possible, him being so tall and I being nowhere near.
I smile fondly at the thought- I am what they call “portable” a term I’ve found amusing.

His neck seems made for kisses and long caresses and all gentle nibbles
A jawline I’m tempted to caress forever
How does one evoke such thoughts in an otherwise innocent mind?

His eyes look like the eyes made to be looked into first thing in the morning
His lashes frame them so delicately and add to that je ne sais quoi about him
Mmmmm, I could daydream on end about him

I long to run my hands through his short curly hair.
It’s so soft and curly- just right for my touchy-feely hands
I want to trace the shape of his head and follow random patterns in his hair
But I’m momentarily fascinated by the scent wafting to my nostrils- a mixture of his cologne and shampoo.
Mmmmm, it’s just perfect!- so him!

Yet, tonight, all I want is nothin physical or external.
I yearn for a different kind of intercourse
I want to engage with him in the most intimate manner possible
I want to engage his mind.
To play footsie under the blanket of knowledge
To tickle his funny bone with my curious questions
I want to dance with him in a Salsa of sexy thoughts, opinions and ideas.

I want him to undress my mind
Leave me totally naked, laid bare to his prying questions
Exposed to his every look and touch.
Only to have him drape me with sexy lingerie of Poetry,
Dress me in heels of History and Geography,
In a dress of body hugging Languages
Adorn me with pearls of Proverbs from the depths of Mother Africa
I want him to dab drops of heady eau de parfum whose notes are based of Mathematics, Astronomy and Chemistry
I want to wear the fine blush of Biology- radiant and natural

“Come, sit right next to me,” I say to him
And he gracefully obliges.
What manner of man is he, I think to myself?
So prepared and accepting to have this virgin student seek to have HIM be her tutor?
And he willingly accepts and is even patient with me?
Not rushing at all but taking his time-
Seemingly aware of the lessons of Karma Sutra-
That anything is twice as pleasurable at half the speed.

“Come, sit right next to me. Allow me to undress you as you undress me.
Let us explore our nudity and dress one another in suitable clothing of knowledge.”


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