What is our future lookin like, as a nation? (for want of a better title)

I’ve said this and Imma say it again, I’ll pay a bribe if that means my children get extra lessons. I’ve taught and I have been amidst disgruntled teachers. Pupils weren’t learning. They could barely say “Pls ma’am, may I go to the toilet.” Some did not even understand what this phrase means. I recall having to teach English in Shona! And that was under assessment. Thankfully the head understood and appreciated my effort.

Now wn teachers are being frustrated left right and centre and we celebrate and chant ZimAssert, I promise you that our school system will churn out ZimAsses! It’s our children who will turn out as mahwindi, magweja, who’ll run battles with spike welding council officials, selling all sorts of wares in streets whilst the children of the very crafters of this blueprint are pilots, learning in fancy schools, becoming diplomats and high powered delegates in UN corridors and the like. We’ll have students who would  have passed thru the school but aren’t even learned! Our pass rates are declining alarmingly and we’re worried about teachers earning during the school holiday? Dafuq! If the argument is kuti it’s because school is closed and there’s no work, then I promise you that our ENTIRE government must not earn a salary because this country s closed shop! Unless we count corrupt and selfish activities as work! Mnxaa!

Show me just ONE minister`s child who’s a loafer! Compare that with ours! Even their cats eat better food than we do, their pets know vets yet we don’t even afford council clinics with $5 consultation fees! Teachers work and are a vital necessity (I’m makin a point) moreso than some of these ministers and ministries. For there to be presidents, ministers, lawyers etc they were taught.

Seriously, knowing what these heartless leaders of ours know now, if they could go back would they want to be taught by today`s teachers, in today`s classrooms? Hell to the no! So why is it ok for our kids to be taught at run down schools, by disgruntled teachers? I challenge our ministers and leaders to send their children and grandchildren to some of these government schools! If they are confident of the calibre of teachers and teaching going on, as well as of the quality of schools, how come we don’t have their own among us and ours?

Im tired of silly politics! Zimbabwe, til when are we going to allow these power hungry, car buying, other countries-hospital systems prioritizing leaders to hoodwink us into silence and accept mediocre and token gestures? Schools aren’t enough, but government prefers buying cars for new cabinet- just on which roads are these cars to be driven? Non-governmental organisations are sinking boreholes and building schools whereupon government [read Zanu] officials gladly stand as invited guests whose benevolent spirits allowed for this to happen! Mnxaa

Right now, winter is coming and yet our vice president sits on evidence of corrupt activities in he ministry of land. Ppl need houses yet others have US$5m houses! Oops, I forget, the masses are only as important as their votes! But with the coming of Nikuv, soon we will be disposable!

Children are being vaccinated against diarrhea but what’s that gonna help wn water isn’t available and wn it comes, it’s unclean! Sewage is flowing in residential areas and rubbish goes uncollected! So what’s the vaccination thing all about? Nurses are graduating but got no clinics to go and work. Universities are producing graduates who now spend days hustling for great deals in town! No jobs.

Ah, I’m angry! I’m really angry and I will speak out about these horrible atrocities upon ourselves by our own government. Kombis are a menace yet our government- the best it can do is offer US$200 to each family of the ppl who died in the Seke Kombi horror! What happened to prevention is better? We need issues addressed urgently! Not ppl who asslick and stick band aid on septic wounds.


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