The birthday present outing

So the grinch who deletes my posts was at work again last night. So, I am now re-writing the whole post…from scratch and have had to migrate it to my blog. So this is my first blog entry in MONTHS! (what a way to come back)

So, I took my son, Tata, to the Chinese mall yesterday to pick up a birthday present. He wanted a kite (I am so blessed to have such a budget-conscious son, right?) I had been warned by his granma kuti he was bound to demand pizza and chicken and chips, possibly refuse to have his hand held and to just sulk!! I was prepared, he knows mummy doesn’t take nonsense and would promptly dish out discipline if need be. I was prepared but I also knew that he is mummy’s baby so I would not receive any grief.

So off we went and soon enough I forgot all about the warnings and we played our usual games in the kombi. We got to the mall sans incident and we got into the shop we wanted. I had to make sure that he would still want the kite and if, he had change his mind, I was prepared to shift my budget. Aisle by aisle we went and when we got to the toys section, I began to dread. It was his birthday after all and I was willing to do anything to have him flash that two teeth smile at me. (His milk teeth would not fall off and the news ones would not wait. Many thanks to the dentist for pulling them out.) Somehow nature knew that having a gap would just weaken me so it worked out this way. lol

So, it turned out that the kite was what he wanted at the end of the day and I was such a happy mum I do a happy dance in my head. It did not phase me that he thought to add an extra one for Shosho, his older “brother.” (He is such a sweet child, if I may saay so myself. He will always think of others. Him and his sister always ask me to get the other something whenever I go shopping with one of them. It gets to the point whereby they will eat half of whatever and leave the other half for the other sibling. WOW! I pray that this love grow stronger into adulthood and beyond, to their kids even.) Anyway, I ask about lunch and he wants water, a packet of biscuits (for gogo) and a pie and a drink!! WHAAT!! No P-food? My mind must be seriously worried at the amount of dancing I am doing in it by now. LOL. We quiclky grab food and we head towards the til.

He stops by an aisle and asks me to help him choose some body spray for his sister. ok, he is SEVEN!! but I oblidge and follow. He eventually settles on one that he is sure would best suit her and we leave. He then asks me for one more trip down an aisle. I am in no position to complain because I know that I have saved enough to buy the pizza on our way home. Little did I know what awaited me.

It happened to be the books aisle… trust you me, you do not want to be in a bookshop with me or with me and my kids! He literally jumped up and down the aisle squealing in excitement. One could be forgive to think that we were in the toys/ sweets aisle. He went thru as many books as he could get his hands on. “Mummy, look at this one. It is on counting! This one is for colouring! Mummy, this is about animals! mummy, look at this one…” wow, he was in heaven!! I just couldn’t stop smiling at his evident joy.

I do not want to think of the budget but mmmmm, let me just say that “the best laid plans often go astray” and I am not complaining. He even got me to get him a shoe box to pack his books in!! And a book for his sister to boot!! Happy birthay, son

I am a broke but proud mummy. My fear is this: did I thawrt my kids’ playfulness in trying to get them to love reading books?


4 thoughts on “The birthday present outing

  1. Good boy!!! They say there is never enough lifetime for all the books one MUST read 😉 The earlier in life one starts reading, the better. My own daughter (7) is already missing library deadlines. Luckily they don’t fine the little ones for keeping books at home too long :))


    • Lol. I see we got a little generation of book lovers! It’s rather encouraging. Wish there was a library he could join. Let me find out about that and if there isn’t one, I’ll see to setting up one for him and other kids who must read before tv eats them Alive

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  2. He sounds like an amazing boy. Well done. Believe me, you did not thwart in playfulness because in truth “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R.R. Martin. You gave him the greatest gift of all.

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