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The dreams born of pain, despair, humiliation and the resilience of being a Zimbabwean in 2014

Cry my beloved country!! Today I weep for the former bread basket of Africa! Is this what we’ve been reduced to? People at the mercy of other governments? Pleading for finger drops of kindness which we have to pay for or else suffer much (including humiliation?) just to receive?

We no longer need leaders but people who will get down on hands and knees, crouch into the mud and dirt, shove their hands into grime and grease, soak their clothes in sweat, crease their brows as they work their asses of- not to get a title, a farm, special recognition, or even a thank you. But to see the tar cover the roads once more, to see water drip out from taps, to see houses, streets and industries lit up again. To have milk delivered to doorsteps, to have children ride on public buses and trains. To have them taught in class and not having to resort to extra lessons. To make sure every civil servant and employee understands and appreciates what hard work is, so that they provide services to people wanting them.

I’m dreaming and working on having Zimbabwe have people with servant hearts who make promises and fulfil them. People in leadership positions who work hard to have every Zimbabwean united with the next, calling and celebrating the diversity of political support and ideologies. I’m dreaming of a Zimbabwe in which I am a leader whose main concern is to see the next Zimbabwe have what I have before I take extras for me, mine and me! To be a leader who realises that being a leader means I go last, I smile and sleep only after those who follow me are content and smiling. I dream of being the kind of person whose position will never shut my eyes to the cries and murmurs of everyone and anyone. A leader who’ll know how everyone is making their dollar and spending it. To know where they sleep, what they eat and drink. What schools their children go to. A leader whose children are no better than anyone`s.

I could go on about the kind of Zimbabwe I have committed myself to work towards but this isn’t the place and time. I’m hurting inside and realising just how privileged in my needs I am. Sitting in a bus for 8hours, navigating treacherous roads, committing my life into the hands of a driver who believes that the best way to get to our destination includes turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the passengers he’s driving, travelling across the country to another in search of wares to resell as well as take the time to see a few friends who now reside across the borders- all this is a luxury to me because I don’t HAVE TO do it.

I’m humbled by the efforts Zimbabweans make to have a half decent life. No government worthy of that name should have citizens who struggle the way I’ve witnessed the last few hours. Our government has failed us terribly and has been doing so for years now. I have the option to leave this country (and believe you me, I’m taking that option seriously lately) but what of those who don’t have that option? When I come back,  what will their lives have become? It breaks my heart that my countrymen and women are denied the decency of services that are their due, services ppl are PAID to provide yet are being paid for NOT PROVIDING.

What really is every minister in our current government thinkin of this shell called Zimbabwe? Most of them KNOW that there are way better people who could run their offices but they knowingly put party and self above the nation! This is a crying shame, and I’m being kind. Let me stop here for now before I start singling out people.