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As I retire to bed: the ghost of Christmas past

Ok, a few more hours before we unwrap presents! I’m excited again. My daughter stuck Christmas cards on all our doors save the main one a few days back. It looks really amazing. It’s lovely to have kids around the house, they find that hidden and choked up Christmas spirit and bring it to life somehow. Talking of choking, the ghost of Christmas past visited me earlier tonight.

I came across a letter on one of my friends` Facebook walls and it took me back to years ago when I was a whole lot younger. I must have been in grade 4/5/6. By this time I’d kinda stopped believing in a real, special Santa- you know, the one who has reindeer and navigates the sky, Santa? Yep, I think I’d come to know that some person played at being Santa and that was just about it.

Anyway, I had come across my cousin`s letter that she had received from Santa! I was GREEN! Like so green I made the pine tree forest look like a desert typa green! Anyway, I took it upon myself to get Santa`s address and write him a letter myself.

I don’t even recall what I even wrote in that letter. Call it writing from a point of disbelief or whatever but I just recall that I must have written something  to Santa Claus. I don’t even recall if I stuck some postage stamps or not but somehow that letter went out. Did I even post it, who knows but it must have gone!

I’m sure you can tell that I don’t recall much except what happened next- which I haven’t yet shared. Well, however long it was, I don’t recall but time passed and I forgot that I’d written Santa a letter! However, one day- definitely out of the blue, I had a letter! Oh yes, I remember the excitement! I was even home when it came! [I was a boarder back in primary school by then] Anyway, I don’t recall who brought me that letter but they were so excited!

It was different! It had colours and looked so different to the airmail we were used to receiving back in the day. You recall the blue and red chevron patterns round its sides? With the little bird like aeroplane thingy? You do if you’re about my age and older! Funny thing though is that it dint have a stamp- at least I don’t recall it. But I’m sure I’d recall it if there was one cause I loved collecting stamps!

Anyway, I couldn’t read the stamp nor the date. Remember how we’d rush to read the stamps to try and see from where the letter came from? Oh well, it was stamped with wavy lines. I am no longer sure if there was an address behind the envelope. Do you recall those Scripture Union, Bible Society and the 700 Club letters that had addresses written behind the envelope? Oh, such memories!

Anyway, here I was, a preteen holding an exciting lookin letter and unable to tell who sent it. I smelt that letter and I swear it smelt like vanilla cookies- however they smelt. I’d never had any. Ok, I dint know that cookies are biscuits so, in all fairness, I had NO idea how cookies smelt or tasted but I could smell them off this letter! Such was the power of Noozles, Tin Tin, Huckleberry Finn, Flying House and Delphy and friends! They made it so that we all knew all this stuff! Lol!

So, back to my letter, as you can tell, I was in no hurry to open it! I was savoring the opening. There was a certain tension, an anticipation akin to a feeling of power that came with waiting until everyone almost beat you up so you could read your letter! Funny how I recall these smaller details. Anyway, so I ran indoors and went muspeya – the spare bedroom, a term I only linked and connected when I was in Uni! Lol! Anyway, I recall going behind the door for maximum privacy and the ultimate spite to everyone wanting to have the first read with me!

Upon opening, you won’t believe what I ran to read first! The address of sender! Yes, I was still curious to find out who had sent me the letter. In disbelief, I ran to read the recipient, just to be sure! And yes, it was my letter alright! All the way from Kovatunturi (excuse the spelling but that’s how it sounds in my head right now!) Was that from Iceland, Greenland or what? I don’t recall but all I recall is that it was MY letter and SANTA had written it to me!

I don’t recall much about what happened next or what the letter said. All I cared about was that Santa was real, wait a minute, he was preparing Christmas presents with the help of his elves! Yes, and mama Claus loved milk! It’s coming to me now- well some of it.

Ok, I’ve forgotten again. But that letter smelt like milk and cookies. Santa was going to send me presents, if I wrote back with my list! I must have not written the next letter because I dint receive anything from Santa. I remember that my dad brought me this really huge doll, a panda, black and white and I had it til upper 6! I guess Santa told my dad to get me that doll. What else can I say? That Santa doesn’t exist when he wrote me a letter? How can I? It even smelt of cookies! Perhaps I was too old for him to come sliding down our chimney. Maybe, Santa knew that it rained on Christmas eve in Zimbabwe back in the days and the reindeer couldn’t handle the weather? But I suspect that Santa knew that we dint have a fireplace and he couldn’t come and place my present by the outside fire area! Someone could have stolen it! Oh, dear Santa, so thoughtful! The reindeer could have caused quite a sight to someone busy going round the ghetto on Christmas eve! People dint quite go to bed on Christmas eve, same thing with December 30th and 31st. Santa must have known this, after all he is Santa.

Anyway, tonight as I wait for the clock to strike twelve so that my daughter and I can open her presents, I’m wondering, how does present day Santa get Christmas requests? Is he on Whatsapp, MixIt, Twitter, Facebook, PinInterest, what? Should I get my kids to write him a letter? Would they appreciate that- stamps, post office, envelopes etc, will it all make sense to them?

Oh well, maybe I will write him again and ask him.
Anyway, merry Christmas Erbody.