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And i realise that I do not really know her at all nd there is nothing scandalous about it at all

Zimbabwe iyi ka iyi!!! I am reading hangu on politics and politicians seeing that the sole candidate who has already been endorsed to take over the secretary post of the women’s league in Zanu PF is none other than the former secretary and now wife of the first secretary of Zanu Pf and president of Zimbabwe, the chancellor of all universities, the (I do not really know how the titles go without reading them off a paper or something so I will stop right here before I botch protocol) …..you all know the story, the short of it is that at some point in this year, we shall have the first family as being secretaries of the party of Zanu pf (hurray for secretaries around the nation and beyond; you all can be a very powerful lot! Look at your bosses with that knowledge right now. I am envious)…anyway, that sole candidate is on a nationwide tour of the country and is holding rallies as if there is an election!!! I am wondering what the real purpose of these rallies are. Already candidate E (for endorsed) is talking of removing non-performers and magaro-magariro- akanaka among other things and if these overzealous media people are to be believed, of “spilling blood” huh?

Anyway, that is not why I am writing this. I write this because I just discovered kuti fellow graduate isn’t who we all think that she is. I mean kuti her name is not what we all think it is. I know that a of of you, like me, struggle with the uniqueness of what we believe is her name. LOL. i am going round in circles just to make this one appear to be a proper blog entry. lol, bear with me

I want to add hangu kuti, this individual has been at the centre of an amazing feat that has since been disputed and got tongues wagging in this my country despite years of all of us all viewing her as being amazingly brave. Yes, she is the one behind the rumored gunning down of the helicopter using an AK47 or some such gun and is quoted as having said about the incident: “Incredibly, I hit the machine and there was a lot of black smoke and it crashed. A big explosion followed” So right here, you now all know that I am referring to the one and only vice president of our nation, Cde Joice Mujuru….and right there is the real reason I wrote this entry. I had no intention of writing this post but it just started coming off my hands!

Anyway, I wanted to write that her birth name, the one that her mother gave her is not Joice but is…drum roll please… Runaida and her family name is Mugari! I just thought that this is very interesting. It is something that I did not know and there is NOTHING scandalous at all about this. Gotcha. It seems like I do not really know her…or rather, I do not really know the her that was presented to the public all along. And this has got me thinking:
What if, and that is a very big IF, mind you. What if, her degrees and academic qualifications are just like the tale of her gunning down that helicopter?

hiiiii!! I think too much. Later.