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As I retire to bed: Dwelling on the positives

Does it ever happen to you that you find yourself overwhelmed by anger, hurt, disappointment and such negative emotions and feelings and no matter how hard you try, you find yourself meditating upon them? Well, I find myself nearly there- near the meditation part. So, something happened that made me super angry! I mean, really really angry I-can’t-even-believe-I’m-angry-like-that kinda angry. Yet, I choose to dwell on the positives. I’m greatly inspired by this great king who faced some of life`s hardest challenges- growing up her was sidelined by his brothers. Having ascended to the throne his own son sought his very life! I won’t even talk about all the other kings who waged war against him! His own wife turned her nose up at him at one point! But thru all his troubles, he dint meditate on all that was staked against him. He chose rather to meditate on that which gave him hope that “This too shall pass”, the Work of The Lord Jehovah! I’m talking about King David of The bible (refer to psalms 143.3-6) I choose to do the same tonight- In no particular order

Positive one- I won an online competition on Hezvo www.facebook.com/pages/Hezvo ! (check out and support this Facebook page by liking, sharing and submitting content- instructions are on it.) I won! Oh I’m so so excited!!

Positive two- I got $100 prize money! Yep, it’s still about that win but allow me to break it down.-
I wouldn’t have won had it not been for my family and friends who voted for me! Yep, I dint resort to Nikuv to win but my friends supported me and now I have this money! Yes, the money-
Last Saturday it was my daughter`s birthday…do the math!

Positive three- I had a conversation with someone whom I’d long wanted to meet up with and ‘clear one or two issues’! turns out she’s the nicest human beings I’ve met in a while. I found yet another sister! whoohoo. Those who know me, know that I’m big on relationships esp female ones- I love me some sisters! It’s as if I’m on some mission to make every woman my sister! Lol. So I’m glad I have one more sister

Positive four- I’m alive and in good health! I watched a video online earlier of a young lady who passed away coz of a rare type of cancer. So young!

Positive five- I’ve managed to make yet another positive entry when I could have made one wherein I was fuming. (That one is coming though, just not on my AIR To Bed Diaries- lol, that’s something funny and positive again!) I’ve managed to stick to the mission tonight despite almost faltering the Last two nights. I’m also particularly glad about this entry because it’s showing my consistency! I wanna blog at least once a day- on something positive!

Positive six-I honestly feel that I’ve managed to communicate to someone how genuinely I care for them and want them in my life, and around me. Hold your horses, it’s not a guy but a sister. Lol. I’m celebrating that because so many times I have doubted if certain people KNOW that I genuinely care about them. Maybe I can begin by picking out one person each week or so and make them know that I genuinely care about them. Oh yes, my family has also just been invited for a Christmas lunch by someone I admire greatly! So no stressing over Christmas activities on that front! Lol.

Positive seven- (this is the Last one I’ll write coz seven is the number of completion/perfection in Christianity)- I’m glad that I have a place to lay my head on, with warm blankets. I’m glad that I’m blessed enough to have what many people I know and interact with wish they could- supportive friends, supportive family, a job I love and enjoy and look forward to waking up to each day. I’m blessed in that I get to see my own small ways I can bring change and relief to those in less fortunate spaces than mine. I’m no Melinda Gates nor Mother Theresa but I know that in my own little way, I can positively influence the lives of others around me- at times it’s as simple as listening to someone air out their frustrations or as simple as foregoing an outing with close friends and spending time with someone who has no friend/big sister.

As I retire to bed tonight, I am so aware that the bed I lie on, is not even someone`s dream because they are wondering just what it is to wear a full dress. The blankie I lie on is not even what someone wishes they had because their dream is to have someone to talk to. I retire to bed knowing full well that I’m one of the few people who can blog- most young women I’ve come to know want just a writing exercise book, a pencil at least and a school to go to so they can learn!