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How to get away with murder: A moment to laugh at self

I found myself seated in “the Commune” with a few of my friends as I was happily typing away at some document or the other. I was catching snippets  of the conversation here and there and had on my headphones as a gentle ‘Do not disturb” sign which was occasionally ignored. Not that I really minded because, in typical me style, I was not playing anything but it was exactly what I called it… a SIGN. LOL I wanted to get some work done but I did not want to be totally left out of the conversations that tend to be stimulating and often diverting (hence my “Do not disturb” sign.)  But, you all know that this is a recipe for disaster…between the riotous bunch (I wonder how we even get any work done but we often do not get much done when we get all silent, anyway…so somehow it does work.)

Listen to your fake music so intently that they believe that you ARE indeed, listening to something (myfunnypics.org)

Listen to your fake music so intently that they believe that you ARE indeed, listening to something

So once in a while, there I was, getting asked stuff and responding to what I heard or choosing to ignore stuff I knew would side track me….they thought that I was playing music anyway, so I did not feel guilty. LOL. However, it soon happened that a conversation was started that I should have paid more attention to but I did not. At some point, a question was directed my way and I caught the last bit of it which was “…how to get away with murder?” and true to someone who has missed a good part of the conversation and is suffering from guilt pangs, I rushed in and gave my response which kinda went like this:

and there I was explaining as clearly as I could... (www.ew.com)

and there I was explaining as clearly as I could…

“If you want to get away with murder, rule number one is “Never confess to it.” Have no witnesses and get away from the murder scene. Take the body away from the scene of the crime and place it somewhere so far away and away from your usual route.  Do not even call the cops as if you are just a passerby who happened to find the body and when you get drunk, make sure that you lock yourself in a room by yourself and disable all your internet connections and give your friends your phones and keys. We do not want to risk you drunk-confessing…”and I went on! LOL

stay away from the phone when you are drunk (xclusivetouch.co.uk)

stay away from the phone when you are drunk

It wasn’t until one of the ladies said,” You surely know how to get away with murder that I knew that something was up. You know that feeling you get when you have over-shared? Or even when you realise that you have just said something off? Yes, I got that feeling from the tone of her voice. I immediately asked, “Umm, did you not want to know how to get away with murder?” To which everyone laughed again..they had laughed after I had finished my perfect explanation.  “Well, I was asking if you watch the series, How to get away with murder?” Oh Lord, now THAT was hilarious! No ways was I gonna make some excuse about the ‘music’ or some such, I just burst out laughing. The more they all expressed how perfectly I could get away with murder, the more I laughed out

It got hysterical (imgur.com)

It got hysterical

Oh well, I just had to share this seemingly embarrassing moment that I had today. Care to share yours?

embarassed gif


Pens for her…..?

Pens for her…..?

We really need pens for us, as women. We are delicate and we all love pink and purple (I am the only exception…. I would die for purple, lol)


Everything hideous about a commercial…well, not really everything (Ellen is there….ahoy, Feminists!!)

Do these guys think that we are stupid? Watch and let’s discuss.