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As I retire to bed: what’s a woman`s worth?

What is today`s black woman about? Been horrified by what I see to be increasingly ‘popular’ posts of fellow black African, Zimbabwean even, sisters who seem to be going out of their way to post pics of their derriers and milk jugs. When the ‘inevitable’ (dare I say, anticipated and desired) comment comes thru about how ‘well put/rounded/yummy) etc the sister is from some hungry, lewd man comes, she goes on to accept such comments as some sort of compliment!?

Is it me or are some women actively bringing down the bar of what a ‘hot’ woman is? Surely, I can’t be finding validation in some comment by a random stranger that he finds me sexy or that my behind illicits some untypeable urges within him!

What’s going on? Guys, why prowl social media seeking out these women and worse still, commenting and giving some sort of validation of their worth based on how big, round and goodness knows what else their outer bits are?

Women, why are we reducing ourselves to being sorry, cheap, sex objects? Surely our minds are more desirable and exciting than our body bits that soon sag and can be put to shame by one good plastic surgeon? Look at Nikki Minaj. Someone is already out there tryin to outdo her measurements! SMH, chaiyo.