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Life lessons from a missed deadline

So I missed a writing contest deadline by 30mins and it has left me feeling meh. All the same, I am gonna put the story out here just so I know I did it. I will self-comfort and look at it as if I was one of those who did not win the contest. After all, only one person was gonna win it anyway and there were 720 people who had indicated their intentions to enter this 24 hour writing contest. I think my take home here is this:

“Better to have run and finished the race than to have started it and given up along the way on realising that winning was out of reach.”

Here is the story and I would appreciate your feedback:

PS: the words in bold are the words we had to use to start and end the story and they came from A wonderful Zimbabwean writer, Tendai Huchu. Do look him up and read his work. I enjoyed The Hairdresser of Harare and am looking forward to reading his other works.

PPS: the story has no title….and the images are meant to make the story blog-friendly….


They laid the train tracks back to front and this caused a great deal of confusion – you’d think you were on the train to New York and arrived in Kinshasa, or to Shanghai and found yourself lost in Istanbul. Yet he knew that he had to refrain from asking any questions. He bowed his head and carried on digging and shoving as much of the mud out of the tunnel as quickly as possible. He was a nobody, nameless, identity-less and it would do him no good to draw any attention to himself by asking questions.

(image from http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1282458/thumbs/o-SALTY-SWEAT-570.jpg?1)

(image from huffpost.com)

Sweat ran down his arms, back and face as if he had had a bucket of water poured over him. He kept working- one shovelful of dirt over the other. He worked silently and barely stopped to rest as the other labourers did from time to time. He could not afford to have anyone look at him or engage him in any conversation. He kept to himself during breaks and walked to the compound on his own. His days were numbered and he did not want anyone to be able to remember him.

whilst others enjoyed the breaks, he kept to himself (image from hotpaknews.com)

whilst others enjoyed the breaks, he kept to himself
(image from hotpaknews.com)

He wore dark clothes that did not stand out. He always had on a hat right down to his dark eyes. He never laughed at any of the jokes that were shared- he could not afford to have anyone recall his neither his voice nor his laugh. His life was one of silence. He was a silent figure, acquaintanced with the darkness.

his company was the darkness  (image from www.wattpad.com)

his company was the darkness
(image from http://www.wattpad.com)

He had come to Durban a few weeks earlier on a personal mission. He knew no one and did not want to be known. The site was presently in turmoil as people rushed back and forth between the foreman and the supervisor. The railway line was already running a few months behind schedule and this latest incident would cost the whole project a few more months as well as half a million more Rand to correct.

The weather was partly to blame. It had been raining on and off for two months now and no one could predict the weather accurately anymore. The rains had come later than usual. Many of the local young who could have been employed by the project had set out in search of greener pastures. However, in all fairness, the supervisor, Greit du Pleissis, was the major reason for the delay as well as the ever-ballooning budget. He had no idea what he was doing half the time and was constantly seeking approval from head office and this caused unnecessary delays.

The rains pounded down ferociously  (image from www.sowetanlive.co.za)

The rains pounded down ferociously
(image from http://www.sowetanlive.co.za)

Today, the entire Durban population had come to the site and it was chaotic. So much confusion as everybody suddenly wanted to find out how the project was progressing. The MEC for Health was in town and would make a stop at the site. The labourers were in panic and the supervisor was steadily drinking himself into a state. Kids were thrilled to be out in the mud and were making a nuisance of themselves.

there was mud all over (image courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk)

there was mud all over (image courtesy of http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

Brightly coloured clothes were soon mud stained and mothers were screaming in frustration from the old platform with the makeshift roof. The fathers walked around the site as if they knew what the hell was going on. One man had got his hand severed by one of the machines he had tried to operate and the ambulance was nowhere in sight. He was in shock and losing a lot of blood. Someone was screaming for some whisky. A child had fallen into one of the ditches and the police were struggling to restrain the excitable crowd.

Through all this madness, he kept his head bowed down and kept shovelling, he had a mission to accomplish. It began to rain earnestly again. Even in the rain, he could feel his own sweat washing his body. One more shovelful of mud and he was ready to stop. It was time.

man digging a hole in the ground with shovel and spade

man digging a hole in the ground with shovel and spade

He stepped out of the ditch, went to a corner and lit a cigarette but he did not smoke it. He watched the mayhem and looked at his watch. In a few minutes, he went to clock out but he did not leave the site. He went across the old platform and joined the Durbanites in waiting for the big boss lady. Any minute now, she would arrive ushered by a host of police patrol cars and fawning government officials.

he held the smoke in his hand  (image from www.shutterstock.com)

he held the smoke in his hand
(image from http://www.shutterstock.com)

Even headquarters had sent a welcoming party. If only they knew. From nowhere, a blast of lightning struck through the encroaching darkness scaring half the women and children at the platform. It was ominously silent after its wake and this silence greeted the MEC as she stepped out of her government vehicle and onto the new platform.



She knew where her bread was buttered, alright but she did not know that sensible shoes were necessary if she was to tour a railway laying site. As she stepped to the podium that looked awkwardly out of place with its ribbons and laces, she slipped. A collective gasp came from the waiting crowd. She recovered quickly and made it to the podium. She was opening her mouth when it happened.

(image from pixshark.com)

(image from pixshark.com)

The entire platform began to move. Confusion animated her face and she stood for a second staring at the podium. No one understood what was happening despite watching it unfold. The platform literally sank out of sight right in front of their eyes, along with the MEC and the officials who were with her leaving just the tracks. A bolt of lightning struck again, as if on cue and ripped the roof off the old platform and the heavens bursts their flood gates.

image from (www.maniacworld.com)

image from (www.maniacworld.com)

One bolt of lightning followed the sunken platform and smoke came out like a pleasing sacrifice to the gods. The newly formed hole soon filled up with dirty, flowing water. No one could move. Even if they wanted to, they could not because the rain dripping from the rusty gutters made a curtain between the platform and the tracks.
(© R Tendo Tapiwa, 2015)


#NoToXenophobia: of a confused and repressive police force

To say I am traumatized I would be lying because I don’t think that I know what trauma is.
To say that I am depressed I would be lying because I have been depressed before and it does not feel like this
I am in this numb state where feelings and thoughts are sort of hanging
In this state of awareness and yet one of ignorance
I long for amnesia yet I am recalling every single memory

part of the peaceful protesters walking from the South African embasy into Harare's CBD #NoToXenophobia

part of the peaceful protesters walking from the South African embasy into Harare’s CBD #NoToXenophobia

my mind keeps pressing “Play” and the memories flood through
my mind has now chosen a coping mechanism-
shutting down and ignoring completely-
ignoring the images of a lone body lying on the ground
lying on the ground surrounded by a baton wielding police officer
not just one or to or three
and they keep coming, they circle him and release the batons like it is a competition
a competition to see who hits him the most painful
they soon completely cut off all view of him as they descend on him
onlookers dash into nearby buildings
not a scream is heard
i cannot speak, my voice is caught up somewhere within me
my eyes are snared, like a kudu caught in the bright lights cutting through the dark night
it is a dark moment, one cannot look away from
and I look on as this man whom I fear to identify ceases to be just a man
and takes on the face that i know
he is familiar, he is someone i know
just the other day, we were laughing and swearing to set up camp together at the embassy
“get me a tent, too.” i said to him then
but today, i can only look from a distance

Riot police following crowds along Jason Moyo avenue after a peaceful demonstration at the South African embassy #NoToXenophobia

Riot police following crowds along Jason Moyo avenue after a peaceful demonstration at the South African embassy #NoToXenophobia

cars drive on, only slowing down to verify what their drivers are seeing
right there, in the middle of town
a man is being beaten up by a crowd of police officers in full uniform
and they drive on
it seems like forever yet it is only a matter of seconds, less than a minute, I later learn
but it was enough
it was enough to convince me
it was enough to convince me that we have monsters who have been mandated to “look after” us- the nation

a nation whose children have been forced out of its borders
whose children are seeking refuge and a better life in other countries
a nation whose children are among those being displaced, burned, butchered and tortured in the streets of a sister nation
and it is this very act that saw us marching down the streets of Harare
registering our displeasure and disgust at the manner our own siblings are being treated

protesters outside the SA embassy in Harare singing in solidarity with Africans being attacked in  South Africa #NoToXenophobia

protesters outside the SA embassy in Harare singing in solidarity with Africans being attacked in South Africa #NoToXenophobia

they took our banners and placards “#NoToXenophobia” they screamed
we marched on into town, towards the press conference
little did we know that these police officers would chase some of our own down the road
little did we know that we would witness police brutality on a peaceful march
little did i know that i would see my own friend lying helplessly on the ground
mobbed by a crowd of angry police officers

members of the ZRP give chase to protesters who were to attend a press conference at the Media Centre after successfully n peacefully registering their disgust at xenophobic attacks

members of the ZRP give chase to protesters who were to attend a press conference at the Media Centre after successfully n peacefully registering their disgust at xenophobic attacks

i want to understand their anger
i want to understand why they did not arrest him
i want to understand why, after beating him up, they left him lying there
i want…there are so many things that i want but my mind cannot cope right now
cannot cope with the question:
why did the police beat up people protesting the horrible crimes being done upon, not only fellow Zimbabweans, but fellow Africans by some South Africans?
i cannot cope with the nation my country is

a group of more than 15 cops armed with baton sticks descend on an armed Sydney Chisi

a group of more than 15 cops armed with baton sticks descend on an armed Sydney Chisi

cops leave

my mind is on shut down
i am not ignoring you
i am not traumatized
i am not depressed
i am just hanging in limbo until my mind awakens and can fully function

Sydney in hospital after a group of policemen attacked him.

Sydney in hospital after a group of policemen attacked him.

The ugly face of violence: When the leopard eats its own



Having read what Doctor Alex Magaisa (he is a bona fide academic this one, I must add… ) wrote on his Facebook wall about the two types of political violence found in this country, I find myself wondering what is happening to all those who have been linked to political violence around the country. I was a part of the cast of the play, Rituals, that toured the country in 2010 and came face to face with a fraction of the deep impact that political violence had on the nation. In many places, the leaders of the perpetrators of violence lived among the communities and were well known to everyone and they roamed freely. I came across names whose mention brings shivers up and down my spine when I recall the atrocious deeds to which they are linked. At times, I find it hard to close my eyes because images of people near tears, retelling us their stories flash before my eyes. Often times, I hear the emotions choked up in voices of survivors of this violence. Whenever I see an abandoned homestead as I travel around this nation, half the time I think that this was probably the home of a family that was forced to leave because they were deemed traitors and thus had to flee for their lives. These are not easy moments because I am but just someone in whom they confided their painful stories because of the play that I found myself being a cast member.

It is such an overwhelming project that was supported by many but was also persecuted by others. I recall that we slept in cells twice and became history makers simply because someone deemed the play ploitical and viewed it as having taken a swipe at certain people and political parties despite not one mention of any political party thru the entire play. But, in Shona there is a saying that goes “Anyumwa bere nderake” (which loosely translated means He that is guilty is quick to assume that he is being accused of a crime..something like that)

Anyway, I am now wondering about all those characters who led violence against their neighbours…who raped and impregnated young women in the name of politics…those who petrol bombed homes of their neighbours…who led young men and women in bases of torture…What is going to happen to them? Will they also face the same fate as Jim Kunaka? Whilst Jim was reportedly abducted, he was once feared so won’t this unleash a wave of violence against those who were once feared as instigators of political violence because “Jim has been made an example”? I am seriously worried…what has become of our nation?

We need peace and not this demonstrations and vile talk that is going on because at the end of the day, no one is actually going to harm any of these big chefs but their perceived supporters…it is only you and I who will come off worse if we allow this to continue. It has got to come to a stop and I do not see any of our leaders doing ANYTHING to bring an end to this. If they would do anything, the violence of 2008 would have seen people brought to book for it…but another election later and beyond it, it takes “factionalism” to begin to bring “punishment”??? Really!! Zimbabweans, we need to realise that in all this, our leadership is so caught up in staying in power that they are willing to sacrifice us in their fights! None of them will sacrifice themselves That is the plain truth.If it wasn’t, the very government of today would be some respectable someones working away at farms somewhere and not still walking the corridors of power and turning everything that is state into party and personal entities.

#RatedLoose: Power Politics at Play

This is something that I wrote and was published by Nehanda Radio under the title “My questions after listening to amazing Grace”

Listening to amazing Grace speak on ZTV and I was enthralled. really, I was!

1. Move over America, a new super democracy has just emerged! a mere party card holder, a simple nominee for post of secretary for women`s league (thankfully, it’s just for Zanu women! Lord knows they need a leader. lol)

Anyway, this relatively unknown political candidate has just called for the resignation of a whole Vice President! (Shame, poor Itai Dzamara who faced cops for calling president [n government] to step down, well- he is the latest n freshest but many more have tried it and they got stories to tell about such stances they took.)

2. I’m now eagerly anticipating that our police force will be bending over, loaded with huge files of corrupt n other criminal activities from senior members of, not only government, but also of Zanu- yes, the people’s party ka. So, the incoming secretary for TWL has just said that our vice president gets 10% from investments and pretty much owns gold and diamond mines and dines with detractors of our very economy (I’m not sure if dining with national detractors is criminal but then again seeing that Temba was removed from his post in his province for receiving cash donations for his constituency from these detractors who are busy installing boreholes in our country among other things that our government has failed to do, it spells disaster for any one serving (or is it saving?) in the ruling party.

Ah, there were serious allegations raised by the one who has ‘more right than anyone’ to take over presidency from the one seated and entrenched, oops, I meant enthroned. So punches were not held back at this ‘Final Push’ rally (that was all about dunking a national leader into something worse than mud.)

But then again, hearing that this national leader wouldn’t accompany THE leader on trips to China (to ask for money to help ZimAsset come to fruition) I was left wondering kuti WHO would have been left behind to run the country (never mind that it would be in an acting capacity) then I recall that this vice president, from 2004, I think it was, was said to be ‘incompetent’ by the incoming and only woke up to go and watch president work.

(Btw, I thought I’ve seen several interviews of this same individual on the same national broadcaster hosting important meetings with dignitaries and ambassadors at her offices. (I’m now confused) But iii, I’m just a simple someone who listens attentively and analyses too much the info that comes her way.

So, I’m now expecting impeachment or something- but then how is a vice president found incompetent when her boss isn’t?

How do we tell kuti THIS is what VP Was tasked with and she failed and this was for others? Given that our economy is relying on detractors` money (did we get permission to use it, I’ll find out and get back to me on it) who is to blame?

How does corruption run riot in a nation with a competent leader? Wait a minute, how do people even KNOW of a vice president receiving (or is it demanding, I’m not sure) 10% from companies and she isn’t arrested for corruption or theft or whatever that crime is? This is all confusing and I hope my eagerly awaited police dockets being opened is making sense now.

On the other hand, how much collateral and at what value does one need to have in order to borrow $20 million American dollars from the bank? I just thought I’d throw it out here, maybe some banking someone can help me.

I’m not forgetting the evidence that our much attacked (come to think of it, it even said kuti there’s some serious demon possession- whether on VP or on that young chap who has over 100 women at is disposal! (Damm, is that Gumbura style or in a manner unworthy of tryin emulate the bum wiggling, razor wearing party praise singers?)

3. So, it has been revealed that Mavambo and MDC was formed in the very house of a very senior Zanu and government member! (Let me hurry up and say, had it not been said kuti it was in the VP`s house, I’d have believed it- after all, what’s this guy`s name is rumoured to own 3 quarters of Harare and other towns and cities so what would be the odds? Kkkk)

My question now is- WHY did Zanu leadership keep this knowledge to themselves and went on to do wt they did to the leaders of the oppositions knowing full well that one of their own was a key founder member? hmmm, suspect

4. When did VP snub Amai? Just what did she do to Amai over the years that’s now got Amai to come out and speak like this? (I got the non-Congrats move on nomination to TWL Secretary thing, but that’s so recent, so too is the doctorate- but then again, they both got one on the same day (though I wonder who was cum de laude- is that even the word?

Oh well, it don’t matter much, us ma non-PhD holders can afford to not know these academic jargons, you know) Ok, back to the issue- who do I now ask or plead with to apologise aka, who do I ask to be the bigger person? Ayaas

Talking of bigger, did the first lady just love that VP is losing weight? (pls understand that weight is strongly related to wealth n good living, stress free life in these parts of the world) {and on that note, I think I now know who to approach to ask that they act their office! (Not that I’ll ever get beyond this wall towards any of those- speaking of which, wr are Amai`s offices? it just hit me that I don’t know.

5. Going back to the beginning, it is rather interesting that I am not waiting with held back breath for repercussions of the announcement that there was a VP vacancy and our very own Chinoz was personally alerted to it!

We all know the ONE office that has a vacancy but we say nothing [and allow our brains to go into overdrive] We know why these rallies are taking place. We all know why Mazoe orange crush is now on the lips of many. We also know why the doctorates and why what’s his name`s accident was major talk of the nation. We all know why doctor is quiet yet we can only speculate as to why HE is silent thru all this.

6. Loose Cannon & friends is gonna have to be pulled down- it’s a charlattan, a fake, imposter that has just been served! (and I have no idea why I had to put that as the sixth point.)

And i realise that I do not really know her at all nd there is nothing scandalous about it at all

Zimbabwe iyi ka iyi!!! I am reading hangu on politics and politicians seeing that the sole candidate who has already been endorsed to take over the secretary post of the women’s league in Zanu PF is none other than the former secretary and now wife of the first secretary of Zanu Pf and president of Zimbabwe, the chancellor of all universities, the (I do not really know how the titles go without reading them off a paper or something so I will stop right here before I botch protocol) …..you all know the story, the short of it is that at some point in this year, we shall have the first family as being secretaries of the party of Zanu pf (hurray for secretaries around the nation and beyond; you all can be a very powerful lot! Look at your bosses with that knowledge right now. I am envious)…anyway, that sole candidate is on a nationwide tour of the country and is holding rallies as if there is an election!!! I am wondering what the real purpose of these rallies are. Already candidate E (for endorsed) is talking of removing non-performers and magaro-magariro- akanaka among other things and if these overzealous media people are to be believed, of “spilling blood” huh?

Anyway, that is not why I am writing this. I write this because I just discovered kuti fellow graduate isn’t who we all think that she is. I mean kuti her name is not what we all think it is. I know that a of of you, like me, struggle with the uniqueness of what we believe is her name. LOL. i am going round in circles just to make this one appear to be a proper blog entry. lol, bear with me

I want to add hangu kuti, this individual has been at the centre of an amazing feat that has since been disputed and got tongues wagging in this my country despite years of all of us all viewing her as being amazingly brave. Yes, she is the one behind the rumored gunning down of the helicopter using an AK47 or some such gun and is quoted as having said about the incident: “Incredibly, I hit the machine and there was a lot of black smoke and it crashed. A big explosion followed” So right here, you now all know that I am referring to the one and only vice president of our nation, Cde Joice Mujuru….and right there is the real reason I wrote this entry. I had no intention of writing this post but it just started coming off my hands!

Anyway, I wanted to write that her birth name, the one that her mother gave her is not Joice but is…drum roll please… Runaida and her family name is Mugari! I just thought that this is very interesting. It is something that I did not know and there is NOTHING scandalous at all about this. Gotcha. It seems like I do not really know her…or rather, I do not really know the her that was presented to the public all along. And this has got me thinking:
What if, and that is a very big IF, mind you. What if, her degrees and academic qualifications are just like the tale of her gunning down that helicopter?

hiiiii!! I think too much. Later.

The dreams born of pain, despair, humiliation and the resilience of being a Zimbabwean in 2014

Cry my beloved country!! Today I weep for the former bread basket of Africa! Is this what we’ve been reduced to? People at the mercy of other governments? Pleading for finger drops of kindness which we have to pay for or else suffer much (including humiliation?) just to receive?

We no longer need leaders but people who will get down on hands and knees, crouch into the mud and dirt, shove their hands into grime and grease, soak their clothes in sweat, crease their brows as they work their asses of- not to get a title, a farm, special recognition, or even a thank you. But to see the tar cover the roads once more, to see water drip out from taps, to see houses, streets and industries lit up again. To have milk delivered to doorsteps, to have children ride on public buses and trains. To have them taught in class and not having to resort to extra lessons. To make sure every civil servant and employee understands and appreciates what hard work is, so that they provide services to people wanting them.

I’m dreaming and working on having Zimbabwe have people with servant hearts who make promises and fulfil them. People in leadership positions who work hard to have every Zimbabwean united with the next, calling and celebrating the diversity of political support and ideologies. I’m dreaming of a Zimbabwe in which I am a leader whose main concern is to see the next Zimbabwe have what I have before I take extras for me, mine and me! To be a leader who realises that being a leader means I go last, I smile and sleep only after those who follow me are content and smiling. I dream of being the kind of person whose position will never shut my eyes to the cries and murmurs of everyone and anyone. A leader who’ll know how everyone is making their dollar and spending it. To know where they sleep, what they eat and drink. What schools their children go to. A leader whose children are no better than anyone`s.

I could go on about the kind of Zimbabwe I have committed myself to work towards but this isn’t the place and time. I’m hurting inside and realising just how privileged in my needs I am. Sitting in a bus for 8hours, navigating treacherous roads, committing my life into the hands of a driver who believes that the best way to get to our destination includes turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the passengers he’s driving, travelling across the country to another in search of wares to resell as well as take the time to see a few friends who now reside across the borders- all this is a luxury to me because I don’t HAVE TO do it.

I’m humbled by the efforts Zimbabweans make to have a half decent life. No government worthy of that name should have citizens who struggle the way I’ve witnessed the last few hours. Our government has failed us terribly and has been doing so for years now. I have the option to leave this country (and believe you me, I’m taking that option seriously lately) but what of those who don’t have that option? When I come back,  what will their lives have become? It breaks my heart that my countrymen and women are denied the decency of services that are their due, services ppl are PAID to provide yet are being paid for NOT PROVIDING.

What really is every minister in our current government thinkin of this shell called Zimbabwe? Most of them KNOW that there are way better people who could run their offices but they knowingly put party and self above the nation! This is a crying shame, and I’m being kind. Let me stop here for now before I start singling out people.

Of Bans after licensing and Carnival invites (Not for the prudes)

So it has seemed that Bev Sibanda’s semi-nude pictures have caused quite the sensation on the net. All sorts of moral judgement and “righteous anger” is being directed at this lovely woman who is being branded “Magaya’s problem child” and is purported to be possessed by ”seven-fold demon” and needs “to return to the PHD Ministries church.” ayaas! All good and dandy and I am sure someone is expecting God to pat them on their back and say, “Well done” Sadly, that is not gonna happen.


on our streets? and Bev is the eissue?

on our streets? and Bev is the eissue?


What is left to the imagination? and Bev who danced at a private party, indoors  for a No.U21 audience is an issue? Grow up, Zimbos

What is left to the imagination? and Bev who danced at a private party, indoors for a No.U21 audience is an issue? Grow up, Zimbos

First and foremost, Bev is a pole dancer…if we cannot call her a bottle dancer …and there is NOTHING “decent” about either of the two. That is also why she ‘dances’ in bars and nightclubs were children and unwilling partakers of this kind of entertainment are not found. herein is my first issue with the organisers of the carnival: How DARE they display for all and sundry to see, view and oogle at the “sacred nature” that men have been enjoying in the privacy of the bars? Bev was to remain a nightclub bottle dancer who was to never be found doing her thang out in public! Now I am even contemplating giving her some wide competition by aiming to sit upon a wider necked bottle than she currently does!! Dafuq! None of this was to have happened had they kept her routine and her wiggly behind out of public eye.


Now I wanna fly to Ivory Coast and other African and Afro-Carribean countries and learn me some bobarabakuitata (this gets a tad bit explicit, do not foolow this link if you are averse to some Bev display of the female lower bit of the anatomy) tchoumakaya and some Mapouka but then again there is the Rhumba which we all dance to seriously! And whilst we are on the subject of Rhumba, did you all know that this dance has roots in an Afro-Carribean dance whose name “secousse”  means “to shake”? There is also the gouye which is basically fast forward “sele”, the El Mapale from the Afro-Carribea (although these guys could be mistaken to be Zimbabwean, they shake a bit faster at some point, if you are Shona you will identify which dances are familiar here.) Now that we have seen just how PERVETED African dances really are, do we still want to call out the culture card? The Dinhe tutorial here is quite ‘perverted” if I may say so, myself.. what is all that boob and pelvic action?


As for the Jerusarema dance, there really was great reason for the prude missionaries to ban that scandalous dance. How DARE people mimic sexual intercourse and call it a dance? Dafuq! Anyone still scrambling to call for us to return to our culture? Of all our dances, maybe the Ngororombe would be the only safe and clean cultural one- no wiggling of bums and the females seem to be blushing virgins as they dance it. LMAO Back to this carnival and these semi-nude images of our bottle-shoving cum bottling f&*ing sensation. So, a whole minister of Tourism and the organising committee decided to include Bev to the line-up, marketing her as some of our cultural heritage. All great and yummy with some marshmallow. Did they honestly expect her to preach and prophesy at this cuntival…oops, I mean carnival? Yeah, we all know that she had been to the much hyped about church but we also know that Bev had returned to the bottle, so to speak. This was no secret so I am seriously wondering WHY and HOW people will only be raising a stink AFTER the cuntival. It was well advertised that Bev would be a part of the line up, so why did no one raise their voice and scream bloody murder as soon as the first advert ran on the national broadcaster? Interestingly, if Bev was said to be semi-nude then what would we say of the Brazilians? They were near nude! Take a look at these and then compare with our Bev,damn, she is made an angel. Image


She even rocked up fully dressed for the carnival daylight parade and she even stopped dancing when people would mob her! (and I just had to forget where I spotted pics of her in some metallic silver catsuit of some sorts. Damn! ) Now, from WHERE  is the hatred coming? I even hear that they want to revoke her licence? What kin of confusion is that? We just had her raking in cash for the nation (through shaking her Zimassets now they want to ban her? This is confusion in the highest order. Let her dance so long as she dances in designated and welcoming areas. Her popularity is beyond a shadow of doubt, thankfully no one is yet thinking of having her go to BBA. *yikes! Perish that thought.)


I will leave you with these words from the man himself, minister of Tourism:


“Carnivals have a poetic licence or special dispensation to do things in a way that may be ordinarily viewed as irregular….If we are going to succeed with future carnival editions in Zimbabwe, we have to develop a higher degree of tolerance for other people’s cultures, otherwise the international endorsement that we seek from other countries for our events and destination will elude us….Every year, we watch the Rio Carnival on our TVs and not on a single day have our critics come out. (Evidently, these have not been shown on national broadcaster, or have they?)…Does wearing a pair of trousers, mini skirt and other skimpy outfits by our beautiful women constitute Zimbabwean culture? Nhembe, migwada, mhapa and shashiko certainly do…Let us not arrogate to ourselves the higher moral ground, which we actually don’t occupy or pontificate on issues we actually don’t comprehend. (Ihemeni minister iroro…sorry, can’t translate)…(he went on to point out what counted, for him) – the pursuit of happiness and enhancing the well being of our people away from their recurrent challenges of unemployment, cash shortages and deprivation. (I just have no idea how happy e can be given all that we face, as he rightly puts it…but then again, tourism is about happiness, I guess he is following the mandate of his portfolio, so sue him! Ah!) The article is available here.


More pictures for your viewing (dis)pleasure:





Please note that this was at night!!

Please note that this was at night!!

Is this not what we see at shows? (I am yet to attend any where women dressed as above are seen)

Is this not what we see at shows? (I am yet to attend any where women dressed as above are seen)



need I say more, this is not for the prude

need I say more, this is not for the prude…if THIS pic made it to the net, what really transpired at that lounge, that night?