#RatedLoose How many wives are having sex for their husbands? How many men don’t even know that their wives are off sex/ not feeling it/ doing it for the marriage’s sake?
This is one heck of a thought-provoking blog. Please read it and share it and discuss it. Tag me @shhhtendo (T) R Tendo Tapiwa (Fb), let’s discuss.

The sex is still as frequent although I dont ever feel like it or enjoy it.

Watched a movie called “The Colour Purple” the other day. The scene that still haunts me is the one in which Netty speaks to Shug, who is her husbands mistress really, about how sex is a non-event for her. Shug is shocked because when she sleeps with the same man its heaven but Netty speaks of it like dude is “going to the toilet on her”. Its haunting me so much because I know I am Netty too only I learnt how to pretend because mama said thats what good wives do. They put their man first and they never let their true feelings show”


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